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This last month has been insane.  On Feb 19 I rushed Billy to the ER because he was having chest pains.  They admitted him to do a heart cath.  This showed blockages but also damage to his heart.  On Feb 22, they did a quintuple heart bypass.  Yes 5!!

The doctor came out to tell us that surgery went well and that his heart was already beating so much better than before surgery.  Later that evening Jazzy and I got to go in to see him.  He was joking with her and trying to talk me into taking him home.

The day after surgery he was doing good.  He was sitting up, talking, and told me the doctors told him he’d be home before his birthday (March 1st).

That afternoon he was in quite a bit of pain so they gave him some morphine.  Sometime between the and Friday night (approximately a 24 hour period) his heart threw off a blood clot.  This blood clot then broke up into smaller pieces and they all went straight to his brain.

On Saturday 2/25 they did an MRI that showed he had around 30 small strokes.  By themselves they wouldn’t have done much, but as many as he had, they did a lot of damage to his brain.

At first there was concern with his left side between the weakness and because he wasn’t moving his arm or leg much.  We were also warned that his speech would be affected and possibly his eye sight.

He got very lucky and his eye sight seems fine.  At first his speech was nothing more than grunts, and then mumbles with a clear word here and there.  He’s talking better, but something’s still come out as mumbles.  Especially when he’s really tired.

He also has processing issues.  He can understand people who talk to him, and his memory seems to be in tact, but he has a very hard time getting what he wants to say to come out.  This frustrates him more than anything.

He is doing good with his left arm, it’s noticeably weaker than the right arm, but he uses it no problem.  His left leg is a bit more of an issue.  It’s extremely weak and while he can move it, he can’t put weight in it.  He does pretty good standing using his right leg.

He was released from the hospital on March 9th and moved to a rehab hospital.  Here he will get at least 3 hours of therapy a day, occupational, physical, and speech.

We aren’t sure how long he will be here.  Could be a couple weeks, a month, or longer.


While he is in the rehab hospital, I have to find us a new place to live.  On everything that will work with a wheelchair.  This has me very stressed out trying to figure out where the money for deposit, 1st months rent and pet deposit is going to come from.

A good friend of mine started a GoFundMe account to help take some of the burden off.

I keep reminding myself that it could be a lot worse.


Hi! I’m Samantha. I’m a mom of 2 great kids, and all that goes with that. I am a Pink Zebra Independent Consultant, I’m also a widow. I am learning to live life after the death of my husband, figuring out what my new normal is, and battling with my grief.

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I'm a widowed mom of 2 amazing kids. Engaged to the man that made me realize I could love again. I love photography, gardening, and reading. Caregiver, taxi driver extraordinaire, chef, maid, and everything in between.

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